About Us

Sane Let Tin resort is founded by local Myanmar family and started the family business as a private orchard garden in 2000. Daw Than Than Swe, a botanist and the founder of Sane Let Tin, purchased the 50-acre plot of land in 2000 with the intention of developing the land as a fruit plantation. Back in 2000, Kyaik Hto town was less populated and there were nothing near Sane Let Tin orchard. Daw Than Than Swe decided to emerge the business into small restaurant ideally for track drivers and backpackers to Golden Rock Pagoda. Daw Than Than Swe later decided to own a small motel for bed and breakfast and started with 2 small balconies. From fruit plantation land to a motel, her family decided to purchase 100 acres of extra land to create a small hotel with 20 rooms and a renovated restaurant in 2005. Since it is a huge plot of land, Daw Than Than Swe decided to pet some domestic animals such as cows and goats not only because of her love to animals, but also for guests to look around and feed them. Later, she adopted deers and bears from the local hunters and give them a space in Sane Let Tin garden. From cows to bears, the zoological garden now has more than 100 animals including leopard, elephants, crocodiles, ostrich and the baby orangutan that she adopted from the illegal trader. Sane Let Tin is a proud local family business where they started from nothing and now it is a 150-acre land with 3 stars hotel, two restaurants, a 20-acre wide certified organic orchard with a zoological garden in a well reserved forest.