Kaut Gon Cave ( Pha-an)

It takes 3 hours drive for 76 miles from the Sane Let Tin Hotel to Pha-an town.The Kaut Gon Cave is situated near the Kaut Gon village, Pha-an township, Kayin State. It is part of the natural limestone mountain of Kaut Gon. Within the area of Thanlwin and Dothami, there are several limestone caves namely Min Lwin Cave, Win Hsone Cave, Bayin Nyi Naung Cave, Pha Kut Cave, Kaut Gon Cave and Yathae Pyan Cave. The Kaut Gon Cave is the most famous one for its numerous Buddha statues and ancient cultural heritages. There are several statues of Buddha, other kinds of sculptures, ancient manuscripts, and ruined pagodas can be observed as a historical site at the exterior and interior of the cave. Then, the Wheel of Dhamasetkya and ancient bricks with hand-drawn mark are also can be seen there. From the main entrance to the main hall up to the doom of the cave, all Buddhists have chance to pay homage to Buddha statues of standing pose, sitting pose, meditation pose and lying pose that were donated by our noble ancestors. At the arrival to thecave, 26 statues of big lions, one Independent monument, a Nat Ye Kan (a pond created by nat), a statue of Taung Paing Bodaw Phyu, a Nat Nan Saung ( pavilion for nats) can be seen first. The Kaut Gun Cave is 7 miles far from Pha-an and situated at the Western side of the town.