Kyaik Htee Saung

It takes one hour drive for 30 miles from the Sane Let Tin Hotel to the Kyaik Htee Hsaung Pagoda. In Tharthanar Era (111), the Gautama Buddha arrived at the Kalartha Mountain, Thuwunna Bonmi and preached hermits and monks and then gave them pieces of hair. The two ogre brothers namely Deiwa Kondala and Namani Kondala also received one piece of hair. In Thatthanar Era 113, the two brothers built a pagoda in which the hair of the Buddha was enclosed. The stone hill where the pagoda was built is known as Mya Oo Taung. The pagoda is commonly known as Kyaik Htee Hsaung due to its leant umbrella. In Tharthanar Era (2515) (Myanmar Era.1333), after the abbot of Kyaik Htee Hsaung made a firm oath and fixed the umbrella, a pennant-shaped vane (at the top of a shrine) and a new bud-like ornament above the vane of the shrine again, the umbrella of the pagoda became straightly upright without leaning or twisted till to date.