Mya Thein Tan

A brief history of the Mya Thein Tan Pagoda

The Gautama Buddha gave six pieces of hair to six elderlymonks who were well-known as Anuyodda. One piece of hair was brought by Monk Padu Mottaya, known as a saint, to this pagoda. Then, Mani May Khlar, the female nat, erected the pagoda for worshipping. Some years later, when Prince Wailu Waddy donated a emerald shawl costing hundred thousands kyat to the pagoda, since then the pagoda has been known as the Mya Thein Tan. In ME.1299 (AD.1937), Daw Wiharyi renovated it. In ME.1315 (AD.1943), Sayadaw U Aw Bartha from Mawlamyine again renovated it. In ME.1327 (AD.1965), Sayadaw U Ainda lastly renovated the pagoda. There is a memorial post in the compound of the pagoda where children participants of the ASEAN pay a visit to this post once a year. From the platform of the Mya Thein Tan Pagoda, sceneries of the Sittaung River can be watched.